Consumer Behaviour

Conduct a mini-experiment comparing the low-ball technique against the door-in-the face technique. Make the target requests identical for both techniques. In the low-ball condition, ask a group of students for a small favour and then change it to the target request after people initially say “yes.” In the door-in-the-face condition, ask a different group of students to complete a very large request. When they say “no,” ask for the target request. See which technique produces the higher rate of compliance.

1. Watch 60 minutes of network television, uninterrupted. Keeps a log of the commercials, tallying the number using each of the seven principles of influence? Report the findings in a graph or table.

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Consumer Behaviour
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2. Survey 30 adults to find out how often they question their family doctors about a medical prescription. Survey 30 fellow students. Ask them if they have ever contested a traffic ticket. Do your results support the authority principle?

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