Computer Security

Suppose that a large software company, Software Monopoly, or SM, is about to release a new software product called Doors, affectionately known as SM-Doors. The software for Doors is estimated to have 1,000,000 security flaws. It is also estimated that each security flaw that remains in the software upon release will cost SM about $20, due to lost sales resulting from damage to its reputation. SM pays its developers $100 per hour during the alpha testing phase, and at this phase, developers find flaws at a rate of about 1 flaw for every 10 hours of testing. In effect, customers act as beta testers when they find additional flaws in Doors.

Suppose that SM charges $500 per copy of Doors and the estimated market for Doors is about 2,000,000 units. What is the optimal amount of alpha testing for SM to conduct?

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Computer Security
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Suppose that you are asked to approximate the number of unknown bugs that remain in a particular piece of software. You insert 100 bugs into the software and then have your QA team test the software. In testing, your team discovers 40 of the bugs that you inserted, along with 120 bugs that you did not insert.

a. Use these results to estimate the number of undiscovered bugs that remain in the program, assuming that you remove all of the discovered bugs as well as the 60 remaining bugs that you inserted.

b. Why might this test give inaccurate results?

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