Computer Science

For every order that has been received, display the order ID, the total dollar amount owed on that order (you’ll have to calculate this total from attributes in one or more tables; label this result TotalDue), and the amount received in payments on that order (assume that there is only one payment made on each order). To make this query a little simpler, you don’t have to include those orders for which no payment has yet been received. List the results in decreasing order of the difference between total due and amount paid.

What is the term used to describe executing two processes simultaneously?

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Computer Science
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How does thread priority work?

How do you prevent two threads from trying to access the same resource at the same time?

Which of these statements is true?

a. A for statement contains three parts separated by commas.

b. The first part of a for statement can be left empty.

c. Any part of a for statement can be left empty, but no more than two of the parts can be empty.

d. The body of a for statement is written between two semicolons.

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