Computer Science

Public key crypto is used in NGSCB for attestation. One concern with this approach is that anonymity might be lost. Recall that in Kerberos, Alice’s anonymity is protected (e.g., when Alice sends her TGT to the KDC, she doesn’t need to identify herself). Since anonymity is a concern, would it make sense for NGSCB to use an approach similar to Kerberos?

In NGSCB, each of the four “feature groups” is, apparently, necessary but not sufficient to ensure security. Discuss a specific attack that is difficult or impossible on an NGSCB system, but is easy when the specified feature group is missing.

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Computer Science
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a. Process isolation

b. Sealed storage

c. Secure path

d. Attestation

Suppose that students take in-class tests on their own laptop computers. When they finish answering the questions, they email their results to the instructor using a wireless Internet connection. Assume that the wireless access point is accessible during the test.

a. Discuss ways that students might attempt to cheat.

b. How could NGSCB be used to make cheating more difficult?

c. How might students attempt to cheat on an NGSCB system?

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