Computer Science

Recall that an opaque predicate is a “conditional” that is actually not a conditional. That is, the conditional always evaluates to the same result, but it is not obvious that this is the case.

a. Why is an opaque predicate a useful defense against reverse engineering attacks?

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Computer Science
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b. Give an example—different from that given in the text—of an opaque predicate based on a mathematical identity.

c. Give an example of an opaque predicate based on an input string.

Once a user authenticates, it is sometimes desirable to have the program keep this authentication information available, so that we do not need to bother the user to authenticate repeatedly.8

a. Devise a method for a program to cache authentication information, where the information is stored in a different form each time it’s cached.

b. Is there any security advantage to your approach in part a, as compared to simply storing the information the same each time?

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