Computer Science

1. Describe (in words as well as graphically) the interaction framework introduced in Human– Computer Interaction. Show how it can be used to explain problems in the dialog between a user and a computer

2. Describe briefly four different interaction styles used to accommodate the dialog between user and computer.

What influence does the social environment in which you work have on your interaction with the computer?

What effect does the organization (commercial or academic) to which you belong have on the interaction?


Pick one of the following scenarios, and choose a suitable combination of input and output devices to best support the intended interaction. It may help to identify typical users or classes of user, and identify how the devices chosen support these people in their tasks.

Explain the major problems that the input and output devices solve.

(a) Environmental database A computer database is under development that will hold environmental information. This ranges from meteorological measurements through fish catches to descriptions of pollution, and will include topographical details and sketches and photographs. The data has to be accessed only by experts, but they want to be able to describe and retrieve any piece of data within a few seconds.

(b) Word processor for blind people A word processor for blind users is needed, which can also be operated by sighted people. It has to support the standard set of word-processing tasks.


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