Computer Science

The IA64 processors contain registers that can be used to address a 64-bit address space. However, Windows XPlimits the address space of user programs to 8-TB, which corresponds to 43 bits’ worth. Why was this decision made?

UNIX coordinates the activities of the kernel I/O components by manipulating shared in-kernel data structures, whereas Windows NT uses object-oriented message passing between kernel I/O components.

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Computer Science
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Discuss three pros and three cons of each approach.

Some systems provide file sharing by maintaining a single copy of a file; other systems maintain several copies, one for each of the users sharing the file. Discuss the relative merits of each approach.

Some computer systems do not provide a privileged mode of operation in hardware. Is it possible to construct a secure operating system for these computer systems? Give arguments both that it is and that it is not possible.

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