Computer Science

a. Draw the membership functions for the following sets: M: mature people Y: young people O: old people

b. Classify a person who is i. 18 years old ii. 21 years old iii. 42 years old iv. 61 years old

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Computer Science
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c. Explain how you would defuzzify your answer for part b. iii. above (i.e., obtain the age of 42 from your fuzzy categorization).

Draw the fuzzy membership function for each of the following:

a. Person X is considerably heavier than 100 pounds.

b. Star Y is considerably larger than our Sun.

c. Car Z costs approximately $30,000. d. µA (x) = 0 for x = 5 and 1 + (x – 5)-2 when x > 5.

a. Are there any improvements to the CarBuyer System that you can see? Are there any rules that you would add or remove?

b. What would you need to add to the system to make it more realistic? Consider the example of tallness discussed in this chapter. Draw the membership function for the set of: a. Very tall person. b. A person who is not tall.

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