Computer Science

Let us say you notice the following market trends. You are considering buying a house. How would you Backward Chain to a conclusion to buy or not? Rule 1 IF the price of homes is down THEN buy a house. Rule 2 IF Interest rates are increasing THEN the price of homes is up. Rule 3 IF Interest rates are decreasing THEN the price of homes is down. Rule 4 IF Gas prices are rising THEN the stock market is down. Rule 5 IF Gas prices are decreasing THEN the stock market is up.

Let us say that another rule is added, as below, how would the rule system in Question 10 above be affected if traversed in a Forward Chaining style? Rule 6 IF you have job instability THEN invest in bonds. 12.

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Computer Science
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Given 1. A & B ? F 2. C & D ? G 3. E ? H 4. B & G ? J 5. F & H ? X 6. G & E ? K 7. J & K ? X And that Facts B, C, D and E are True, how would a program deduce that X is true?

What if von Neumann’s results had indicated that it is impossible to build a cellular automaton that is self-replicating.

How would that affect the possible construction of a self replicating machine in the 3-dimensional world?

Write a five page paper summarizing the accomplishments of one of the following people: John von Neumann, Allen Newell, Herb Simon, and John Conway.

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