Computer Science

You are trying to describe the game of baseball to someone. Which knowledge representation method would be most suitable?

Try to build a baseball system using your preferred choice. 10.

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Computer Science
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Try to solve the following famous crypto-arithmetic problem. Each letter can stand for one and only one digit.

What is a most suitable knowledge representation choice for deriving a solution to this problem? SEND + MORE ====== MONEY BEG SIDEBAR 60 END SIDEBAR

We introduced the concept of the Human Window. Consider your solutions to the above problems and other exercises and problems we have posed in the book. How “Human Window” like are your solutions? That is, do they require too much memory or computation for humans? Are they 100% correct? Have a suitable grain size? Executable? Comprehensible?

We have presented a number of problems to this point that have a common feature including: The Missionaries and Cannibal Problem, The Twelve Coins Problem, The Knight’s Tour, The Eight Puzzle, and the Cryptarithm above. What do these problems share in common?


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