Computer Science

Use Prolog to solve the following jobs puzzle: “Jim, Jack, and Joan hold three jobs between them. Each has one job. The jobs are schoolteacher, piano player, and secretary. The job of a schoolteacher is held by a male. Jack never went to college and has no musical talent.” Once again, you need to present Prolog with additional world knowledge. For example, Prolog does not know that Joan is a woman’s name or that Jim and Jack are male.

Use Prolog to solve the jobs puzzle from Section 3 of Chapter 1: Prolog can be downloaded from the Web. SWI Prolog is recommended. “There are two people, Michael and Louis. Between them they hold two jobs. Each has one job. These jobs are Post Office Clerk and French Professor. Michael speaks only English, whereas Louis holds a PhD in French. Who holds which job?”

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Computer Science
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Use resolution to determine if the following arguments in the FOPL are valid. Use the predicates suggested:

a. All Italian mothers can cook. (M, C) All cooks are healthy. (H) Either Connie or Jing Jing is an Italian mother. Jing Jing is not an Italian mother. Therefore, Connie is healthy.

b. All New Yorkers are cosmopolitan. (N, C) All cosmopolitan people are friendly. (F) Either Tom or Nick is a New Yorker. Nick is not a New Yorker.

c. Anyone who drinks green tea is strong. (T, S) Anyone who is strong takes vitamins. (V) Someone at City College drinks green tea. (C) Therefore, everyone at City College drinks green tea and is strong.

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