Computer Science

Give an example of where you have used Occam’s Razor in your everyday experience. Look on the web and find several other areas where decision trees are used. When calculating the entropy of a set, why are logarithms calculated with a base equal to 2?

Are decision trees a lazy or eager learner? Explain your answer.

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Computer Science
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Why is feedback important to an agent?

Describe inductive learning.

When performing curve fitting, why is a function that passes through all the points in a training set not necessarily the best hypothesis?

a. What is Occam’s Razor?

b. Does it claim that the shortest hypothesis is always the best?

One of the criticisms of expert systems has been that they are conducive to the creation of microworlds (e.g. by Professor Hubert Dreyfus, see Chapter 6, Section 6.8, p.185). Explain why you do or do not agree.

How would expert systems need to perform to pass the Turing Test?

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