Computer Science

Download two ciphertexts files which are encryption using Vigenere Cipher. 1. Using Cryptool I to display the letter distributions.

Compare the distribution with the En-glish text distribution given in the lecture slides. Are they different? Why?

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Computer Science
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2. One of effective cryptanalysis against Vigenere Cipher is autocorrelation analysis. Autocor-relation identifies correlations (statistical relationships) between a string and shifts of that string.

A transportation block has 10 inputs and 10 outputs. what is the order of permutation group? what is the key size?

Take-a-Ticket State Machine: Draw a state machine for take-a-ticket. Describe the state machine using pseudocode, with a state machine for each sender and each receiver. Extend the state machine to handle hunt groups.

Using the top-10000.txt file of top 10,000 passwords, find the password corresponding to the digest “0x22F4A91F25041B” obtained via the Chaum-van Heijst-Pfitzmann (CHP) hash function with parameters: t = 56 p = 36591670045183523 alpha = 1531201089928563 beta = 5232015514746838

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