Computer Science

The German Enigma is the most famous World War II cipher machine (see also Problem 9). The cipher was broken by the Allies and intelligence gained from Enigma messages proved invaluable. At first, the Allies were very careful when using the information gained from broken Enigma messages—sometimes the Allies did not use information that could have given them an advantage. Later in the war, however, the Allies (in particular, the Americans) were much less careful, and they tended to use virtually all information obtained from broken Enigma messages.

a. The Allies were cautious about using information gained from broken Enigma messages for fear that the Germans would realize the cipher was broken. Discuss two different approaches that the Germans might have taken if they had realized that the Enigma was broken.

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Computer Science
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b. At some point in the war, it should have become obvious to the Germans that the Enigma was broken, yet the Enigma was used until the end of the war. Why did the Nazis continue to use the Enigma?

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