Computer Science

One of the most attractive applications of public-key algorithms is the establishment of a secure session key for a private-key algorithm such as AES over an insecure channel.Assume Bob has a pair of public/private keys for the RSA cryptosystem.

Develop a simple protocol using RSA which allows the two parties Alice and Bob to agree on a shared secret key. Who determines the key in this protocol, Alice, Bob, or both?

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Computer Science
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  • Suppose the DES F function mapped every 32-bit input R, regardless of the value of the 48-bit input K, to
    • 32-bit string of 1’s;
    • Bitwise complement of R.
  • For each of those two cases answer the following questions:
    • 1. What function would DES then compute?
    • 2. What would the decryption look like?
    • (Hint: Use the following properties of XOR: (A ? B) ? C = A ? (B ? C), A ? A=0, A ? 0 = A,
      A? 1 = bitwise complement of A, where A, B, C are n-bit strings of bits, 0 is an n-bit string of zeros, and 1 is n-bit string of ones

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