Computer Network Security

Broadly speaking, there are two distinct types of intrusion detection systems, namely, signature-based and anomaly-based.

a. List the advantages of signature-based intrusion detection, as compared to anomaly-based intrusion detection.

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Computer Network Security
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b. List the advantages of an anomaly-based IDS, in contrast to a signature-based IDS.

c. Why is effective anomaly-based IDS inherently more challenging than signature-based detection?

The anomaly-based intrusion detection example presented in this chapter is based on file-use statistics.

a. Many other statistics could be used as part of an anomaly-based IDS. For example, network usage would be a sensible statistic to consider. List five other statistics that could reasonably be used in an anomaly-based IDS.

b. Why might it be a good idea to combine several statistics ratherthan relying on just a few?

c. Why might it not be a good idea to combine several statistics rather than relying on just a few?

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