Computer Network Security

This problem deals with possible attacks on an iris scan bio-metric system.

a. Discuss analogous attacks  on an iris scan bio-metric system.

b. Why would it be significantly more difficult to break an iris scan system than the fingerprint door lock in Problem 32?

c. Given that an iris scan biometric is inherently stronger than a fingerprint-based biometrce system, why are fingerprint bio-metrics far more popular?

In addition to the holy trinity of “somethings” discussed in this chapter (something you know, are, or have), it is also possible to base authentication on “something you do.” For example, you might need to press a button on your wireless access point to reset it, proving that you have physical access to the device.

a. Give another real-world example where authentication could be based on “something you do.”

b. Give an example of two-factor authentication that includes “something you do” as one of the factors.


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