Computer Network Security

As a deterrent to Microsoft’s new Evil Death Star [210], the citizens of planet Earth have decided to build their own Good Death Star. The good citizens of Earth are debating whether to keep their Good Death Star plans secret or make the plans public.

a. Give several reasons that tend to support keeping the plans secret.

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Computer Network Security
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b. Give several reasons that tend to support making the plans public.

c. Which case do you find more persuasive, keeping the plans secret or making the plans public? Why?

Suppose that you insert 100 typos into a textbook manuscript. Your editor finds 25 of these typos and, in the process, she also finds 800 other typos.

a. Assuming that you remove all of the discovered typos and the 75 other typos that you inserted, estimate the number of typos remaining in the manuscript.

b. What does this have to do with software security?

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