Computer Network Security

We consider the Diffie–Hellman key exchange scheme with certificates. We have a system with the three users Alice, Bob and Charley. The Diffie–Hellman algorithm uses p = 61 and α = 18. The three secret keys are a = 11, b = 22 and c = 33. The three IDs are ID(A)=1, ID(B)=2 and ID(C)=3.

In a public-key system using RSA, you intercept the cipher text C = 10 sent to a user whose public key is e = 5, n = 35.What is the plaintext M?

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Computer Network Security
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Suppose you know Alices RSA public key pair(5,6). what is the corresponding private key? Suppose you want to send. Alice plaintext=3.What is the resulting ciphertext c, of encrypting this plaintext using Alices public key?

Show that RSA encryption works by encrypting the first block of the message manually use only multiplication and squaring use reduction by modulo property that is (axb) modN =(a mod N)x(b mod N) mod N provise steps of calculation.

If a bit error occurs in the transmission of a ciphertext character in 8-bit cipher feedback mode how far does the error propagate?

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