Computer Network Security

A double transposition cipher can be made much stronger by using the following approach. First, the plaintext is put into an n x m array, as described in the text. Next, permute the columns, and then write out the intermediate ciphertext column by column. That is, column 1 gives the first n ciphertext letters, column 2 gives the next n, and so on. Then repeat the process, that is, put the intermediate ciphertext into annx m array, permute the columns, and write out the ciphertext column by column.

Use this approach, with a 3 x 4 array, and permutations (2,3,1,4) and (4, 2,1,3) to encrypt the plaintext attackatdawn.

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Computer Network Security
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Encrypt the message we are all together

using a double transposition cipher (of the type described in the text) with 4 rows and 4 columns, using the row permutation

(1,2,3,4)—> (2,4,1,3)

and the column permutation

(1,2,3,4)—* (3,1,2,4).

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