Computer Network Security

1.       Which one of the following commands verifies a Zone-Based Policy Firewall configuration?                       A. show interfaces   B. show zones   C. show running-config   D. show protocols

2.       Which one of the followings is the function of state or session table?   A. It saves the best route information for routing.   B. It saves MAC addresses.   C. It saves NATing information.   D. It saves the state of current sessions in a table.

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Computer Network Security
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3.       The global address either router’s interface IP or one from pool, which will represent the client over an internet is termed as ____________.   A. Inside Local   B. Inside Global   C. Outside Local D. Outside Global

1.       Which of the following actions in a Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall is similar to a permit statement in an ACL?   A. Drop   B. Pass   C. Forward   D. Hold   E. Inspect   F. Copy

2.       In a Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall, what is the main function of the permit or pass action? A. Drops suspected packets.   B. Forwards traffic from one zone to another.   C. Performs inspection of traffic between zones for traffic control.   D. Tracks the state of connections between zones.

1.       In which mode of firewall deployment does ASA work as layer 2 bridge and traffic flows through it without adding itself as routing hop between communicating peers?   A. Routed mode                     B. Transparent mode   C. Tunnel mode   D. Transport mode   E. None of the above

2.       Which two of the followings are the modes of ASA deployment?   A. Routed mode                                                   B. Transparent mode   C. Both Routed and Transparent mode   D. Transport mode   E. None of the above

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