Computer Network Security

  1. Complete independent research and review two (2) to three (3) online end-user license agreements. Compare and contrast each EULA with each other. In your response, please consider the following:
  • What are the key elements required in a EULA for it to be effective?
  • Across the EULAs you analyzed, what components are common?
  • What gaps exist?
  • Provide examples of how end-users would know what they are agreeing to.
  • Describe whether the EULAs are fair and legally acceptable.


  1. The U.S. opted for a different approach to data protection than the European Union’s all-encompassing regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The U.S. chose to implement sector-specific data protection laws and regulations that work together with state-level legislation to safeguard American citizens’ data.

Part 1: Conduct independent research and defend one approach over the other (U.S. industry-specific laws versus EU GDPR). Leverage real-world examples and scholarly resources that support your argument.

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Computer Network Security
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  1. Research at least three (3) organization’s online privacy policies, as you want to recommend the best of the best Privacy Policy to your organizational leadership.

After conducting your research, in a three (3) to five (5) page write up, develop your privacy policy including a minimum of the following components:

  • Type of data you will collect
  • How the data will be used
  • Industry-specific considerations and guidelines
  • Legal considerations
  • Storage and security procedures


  • Drafta three (3)- five (5) page, privacy policy for your company in a new Microsoft Word document
  • Citeexamples from your research as well as other recommended privacy principles and best practices from scholarly resources
    • Cite all references using APA format

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