Computer Network Security

1) How is the internet changing the world globally?

2) How are mobile apps playing a role in this?

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Computer Network Security
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3) Internet regulation

4) Application data theft and data sharing whithout explicit permissions

5) Are new laws beginning to address any of the current issues?

6) What role do app permissions have to play in this environment?


Assume secure MACs exist. Give a construction of a MAC that is secure with respect to Definition 4.2 but that is not secure when the adversary is additionally given access to a Vrfy oracle.

DEFINITION 4.2 : A message authentication code ? = (Gen, Mac, Vrfy) is existentially unforgeable under an adaptive chosen-message attack, or just secure, if for all probabilistic polynomial-time adversaries A, there exists a negligible function negl such that: Pr[Mac-forgeA,?(n) = 1] = negl(n)

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