Computer Network Security

An organisation with 13 branches scattered across Ghana acquired the IP address
a. What class is the IP address?

b. What subnet is the address on?

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Computer Network Security
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c. What is the NetID?

d. What is the HostID?

e. What is the SubnetID?

f. What is the site address?

g. Give the address in its BITWISE notation.

h. What is the name of the /16 notation

i. Give the dotted decimal notation of the /16 and also give bitwise notation equivalent.

j. Design a suitable network for the organisation ensuring most efficient usage of addresses

k. List all the subnet addresses

l. Give the subnet address that this IP address resides on

m. What is the site address for the given address in ‘l’ above

n. What is the NetID for the given address in ‘l’ above

o. What is the HostID for the given address in ‘l’ above

p. What is the SubnetID for the given address in ‘l’ above

q. Draw the network diagram that can be used for the implementation of the organisation network

r. Explain the functionality of each if the devices in your network diagram and justify their purpose in your diagrams. How will you ensure Internet connectivity for host at each branch.

t. Explain type(s) of connections in your network diagramu. Explain the protocols for devices communication in your network diagramv. Explain protocol for 3 applications communication on your networkw.

Explain the addressing mechanism in the movement of packets from one branch to the otherx. Assuming each branch has 58 workstations and a printer, how many collision domains has your network diagramy. As follow-up question to ‘x’, how many broadcast domains has your network diagramz. Write a convincing summary statement to convince management of why they should invest money to deploy your network diagram. Your statement must clearly spell out the advantages of the network that the organisation stands to gain if they implement it.

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