Compare between two projects

The learning outcomes MO1-4 will be assessed through the production of a report of 2,500 words. You are asked to compare, contrast and critically evaluate a pair of projects from a single reference class (e.g. stadium construction, disaster relief, high-speed rail development, enterprise automation, new product development, Olympic Games, etc). You may consider projects in which you have personally been involved or any projects of your choice for which you are able to obtain a sufficient amount of information. Scrutinise the project management approach taken in each of the chosen projects and elicit their salient (positive or negative) features and relevant practices, analysing and explaining the impact these have had on the overall project delivery and/or subsequent operational performance. The outcome of such project evaluation and comparison is expected in terms of a recommended set of definite rules and practices for future projects in the same area and of the similar scope/budget (?Best Practice?). Your standpoint should be balanced, and the analysis well-written, generously complemented with suitable references to the relevant, contemporary project management literature as well as referring to personal experiences, observations and insights where appropriate. The presented analysis should be based on appropriate and substantial research, which must be evidenced in the report. A mere composition of case studies taken straightaway from certain sources without your own in-depth elaboration, critical evaluation and synthesis of original recommendations will not be deemed a highly original contribution and, consequently, will attract low marks. The report should be 2,500 words (+/-10%), including any exhibits , tables and figures, but excluding the reference list. All figures and tables should be consecutively numbered, and captions provided. Guidelines for the Portfolio: The portfolio should be submitted as a single document complying with the following formatting guidelines: Font / Size: Calibri/Arial/Times New Roman / 12 Spacing: 1.5 Page numbers required? Yes Margins: at least 2.54 to left and right and text ?justified? Referencing: full compliance with Harvard protocols Links to an external site. Do not forget to indicate the total word count in your submission as well as the word count for each part. My 2 project are about Bernabeu stadium vs Tottenham hotspur stadium. Make sure to follow the Harvard reference style for the summative report at the end of text references. You can use Google Scholar to cut and paste references using the Harvard style. Please make sure to proof read for minor grammar issues. And on a few slides, the text overruns. Both projects used the waterfall management method. It would be possibly better in the summative assignment to take a side as to which project you believe was better and discuss (using critical analysis) why that project was better. Obviously, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is well over budget albeit less expensive than the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This is a point you would want to certainly discuss further.


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