Compare and contrast five (5) different ethical models or philosophies,

Prepare a Ethics portfolio paper using the following guidelines:

– A minimum of 12 pages not to exceed 15, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman script, size 12 font,using APA standards for reference citations. Integrate 3-5 biblical principles in your composition.

Title page, including title of paper, your name, course name and course number,date of submission (Page 1)

Compare and contrast five (5) different ethical models or philosophies, one of which must be the Christian worldview. A minimum of three (3) references must be cited properly for each ethical model.

A reference or bibliography page in APA format

A minimum of five (5) applicable biblical principles must be properly integrated throughout the paper at appropriate places.

Lewis, Carol W., and Stuart C.Gilman.The ETHICS Challenge in Public Service, 3rd edition. (2012)San Francisco: J. Wiley. ISBN 978-1118109861


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