Comparative Data Paper

Discussion of Comparative Data (20 points): In this paper, you will examine data exploring the complexity of Child Labour in Refugee Camps in the middle east or anywhere else & its relation to poverty circumstances along with corresponding practices and/or policies. The paper must use a minimum of 5 sources “empirical studies ”
Below are the guidelines , & I will attach the original paper I wrote that needs to be rewritten & refined

· Establish the comparison

o Identify the domain of interest

o Discuss the breadth & scope of the data supporting the comparisons

o Definitions of poverty (implicit & explicit)

o Limitations & affordances of the data supporting the comparisons

· Interpret the significance of the comparison

o Characteristics, causes, and assumptions associated with the comparison

o Implications for the lived experience/daily lives of individuals & families

o Implications on the other three domains

o Cultural and/or generational implications

· Conclude with an educated hypothesis about what responses may disrupt the data

o Social safety net possibilities

o Education-based responses

o Private sector based-responses

o Economic development

o Cultural responses



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