Communication and Conflict Management Sample Paper

Annotated Bibliography

 Skelton, J., & Greenyer, D. (2017). Language and clinical communication: this bright Babylon. CRC Press.

The authors explain more about the need for excellent clinical communication skills, and why this practice is significant for both the caregivers and the patients in any given hospital setting. From the book, critical communication skills are comprehensively expounded on.  It is apparent that in the current days,  very many medical schools use the essentially skills-based models, such as the extraordinarily thorough Calgary-Cambridge approach in teaching about communication skills that each clinician should possess. 

However, according to the authors, when teaching about communication, the emphasis should be asserted on skills such as maintenance of eye contact, asking open questions, among other skills that help in the development of discipline for a health provider.  According to the book, failure to possess such skills in a   health care setting may lead to numerous challenges to both the caregivers which may lead to issues such as conflict among the caregivers, ineffective patient care and safety and working environment.   The authors conclude by stating that there should be effective communication between the caregivers and the patients, their families, and other inter-professional teams are vital to ensuring successful results, more so on the wellbeing of the patient.  



It is evident that effective communication in a hospital setting is very is critical in that it helps in ensures that caregivers have a conducive condition for performing efficiency. It also ensures that patients receive quality treatment through raising concerns, asking questions, and engaging their caregivers.  It is also clear that there is a need for clinical officers and other caregivers to undertake thorough training and development programs on how to communicate efficiently. The programs boost their performance at the workplace and ensure that they can provide quality services to their patients.


Skelton, J., & Greenyer, D. (2017). Language and clinical communication: this bright Babylon. CRC Press.

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