Climate change debate

All questions are based on the Chapter 4 Case Manipulating the Data to Find Your Version of the Truth (p45)

Every student must post a complete answer to the following questions, sighting examples (when appropriate) to back up their assertions. In addition to the base comment, each student is required to make a meaningful addition to at least two additional posts by other students.

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Climate change debate
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1. The book cites climate change studies.  Take a moment to research the claims and see how data has been used (and also abused) in the climate change debate.

2.  Economists and polititians use statistics to make their point.  Very often, they take a narrow view or window of statistics that happen to agree with their preferred point of view.  Share an example of a recent statistic that was relayed to make a political point.

3.  In MMIS we will use statistics to drive change in the organization.  Please discuss how important it is that we relay the TRUTH vs. a narrow angle that happens to align with our internal views.

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