Classroom management and diversity

1.What are some general strategies for creating a positive environment for learning?

2. What are some hallmarks of good classroom rules?

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Classroom management and diversity
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3. What are the best approaches for getting students to cooperate?

4.What is important for teachers to know about classroom management and diversity?

1.In your classroom, what standards of “good” behavior would be nonnegotiable? Would you be flexible about some things? Explain.

2. Ms. Rockefeller has high expectations for her students’ behavior. She is rather harsh with punishments when students do not live up to these expectations and accepts no explanations for noncompliance. Her standard response to excuses is “I don’t want to hear it. You broke the rules. You know the consequences.” Which management style does Ms. Rockefeller exemplify?

a. authoritative

b. authoritarian

c. permissive

d. neglectful

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