Classical conditioning

1.Do you think that your emotions are the result of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, or both? Explain.

2.Sylvia is participating in a class spelling bee. The teacher asks her to spell the word mortgage. “Don’t forget the t, don’t forget the t,” Sylvia says to herself. “M-O-R-T-AG-E,” says Sylvia. “I’m sorry, that’s incorrect, Sylvia,” says her teacher. One of the students in the back of the class snickers and comments, “Gee, about time Miss Smarty-pants got one wrong. See, she’s not so smart.” Some other students join in the laughter. Sylvia begins to cry and runs out of the room. After that, Sylvia becomes very anxious about spelling bees. According to classical conditioning theory, what is the conditioned stimulus in this scenario?

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Classical conditioning
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a. the teacher telling her she is incorrect

b. the other students’ laughter

c. the word mortgage

d. spelling bees

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