“Changing Worldviews”

1. Educational policy reports in the mid-1980s emphasized

2. By the 1980s, the attention of national policy reports focused on the needs of which group of students who have tended to be ignored in national priorities for education?

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“Changing Worldviews”
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3. The launching of Sputnik rocked the foundations of the United States government, citizenry, and educational system during which period of American history?

4. Behavioral objectives can be evaluated by measuring

5. School district goals should be based on input from

6. ___________developed an outline for the development and implementation of school goals in the late 1940s.

7. A “high stakes” test is one where the results

8. The 1960s brought increased attention to

9. Schools interested in proposing a curriculum consistent with A Nation at Risk would probably offer

10. The fact that what we perceive to be our goals for public education can change so dramatically and so frequently probably reflects

11. The major effect of the Soviet satellite Sputnik on American education was

12. The whole-child concept emphasizes

13. A new focus on outcomes that measured academic results in a child’s education led to __________.

14. Because of the educational policy reports of the mid-1980s, such as A Nation at Risk, schools implemented

15. The primary goal that “All children in America will start school ready to learn” was established by

16. Behavioral or performance objectives often focus on _____________.

17. An example of a goal is

18. In the lecture, Changing Worldviews, the hammer is a symbol of

19. In the lecture, Changing Worldviews, Postmodernism is described as a philosophy that values

20. In the lecture, Changing Worldviews, the mirror is a symbol of …

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