Cash cycle

A government bond carries a 5% coupon rate, pays semi-annual coupons, and has a $1,000 face value If you purchase it today at $1,020 and expect to sell it 4 years from now at $1,100, what would be your annual rate of return if the coupons are reinvested at 3% APR semi-annually compounded?

A firm has sales of $710,000. The cost of goods sold is equal to 57 percent of sales. The firm has an average inventory of $23,940.

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Cash cycle
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How many days on average does it take the firm to sell its inventory?a. 12.31 daysb. 16.90 days (*picked and was wrong answer*)c. 15.29 daysd. 21.59 dayse. 10.77 days

A firm has an inventory turnover rate of 15.7, a receivable turnover rate go 20.2, and a payables turnover rate go 14.6. How long is the cash cycle?

A currency dealer can borrow $1,180,000 (or the equivalent in euros) for one year The one-year interest rate is 480% in the US and 940% in the euro zone The spot exchange rate is $12548/€100 and the one-year forward exchange rate is $12162/€100.

What arbitrage profit results if the trader borrows the maximum available funds?

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