Calculate Willerton’s capital structure

1.         Blazingame Inc.’s capital components have the following market values:


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Calculate Willerton’s capital structure
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Debt                        $35,180,000

Preferred Stock       $17,500,000

Common Equity                 $48,350,000

Calculate the firm’s capital structure and show the weights that would be used for a weighted average cost of capital (WACC) computation.


2.         The Aztec Corporation has the following capital components and costs.  Calculate Aztec’s WACC.


Component                  Value               Cost

Debt                             $23,625           12.0%

Preferred Stock            $  4,350           13.5%

Common Equity          $52,275           19.2%



3.         Willerton Industries Inc. has the following balances in its capital accounts as of 12/31/x3:


Long Term Debt                      $65,000,000

Preferred Stock                                    $15,000,000

Common Stock                                    $40,000,000

Paid in Excess                          $15,000,000

Retained Earnings                    $37,500,000




Calculate Willerton’s capital structure based on book values.

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