Buy-side and sell-side systems

1. Distinguish buy-side and sell-side systems.

2.Discuss how customer relationship management systems aid a customer service representative (CSR) in providing service to customers.

3.The following questions concern the logical description of the OE/S process:

a. What are the three major processes?

Describe the subsidiary processes of each major process.

b. What three exception routines may occur when a customer order is processed?

1. Describe situations in your daily activities, working or not, where you have experienced or employed controls

2.One control that is applicable for almost any system is “enter data close to the originating source.” A customer entering a purchase into a sales system (such as at is an excellent example of this control.

Describe the details of why this process produces fewer errors than a system of the customer writing down the order and sending it to the vendor. Be sure to include validity, completeness, and accuracy in your answer


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