Business management

Question: Which of the following strategies is most compatible with a polycentric staffing policy?

A International strategy

B Global standardization strategy

C Localization strategy

D Transnational strategy

Question: Pull strategies tend to be emphasized for

A Complex new products

B Consumer goods

C Industrial goods

D Services

Question: International businesses increasingly are using management development as a strategic tool; this is particularly true in firms pursuing a(n) _____ strategy as such firms need a strong unifying corporate culture and informal management networks to assist in coordination and control.

A Localization

B International

C Transnational

D Global standardization

Question: Many firms pay foreign service premiums as a percentage of base salary, ranging from _____ percent after tax.

A 50 to 60

B 5 to 15

C 30 to 50

D 10 to 30

Question: Occidental Petroleum negotiated a deal with Russia under which Occidental would build several ammonia plants in Russia and as partial payment receive ammonia over a 20-year period. This is an example of

A Switch trading

B A buyback

C A counterpurchase

D An offset

Question: Albania offered such items as spring water, tomato juice, and chrome ore in exchange for a $60 million fertilizer and methanol complex. Which type of countertrade is this?

A Offset

B Switch trading

C Buyback

D Barter

Question: Which of the following is true of price discrimination?

A It exists whenever consumers in different countries are charged different prices for different products

B It involves charging whatever the market will bear

C It can help a company minimize its costs

D It is against economic sense to charge different prices in different countries

Question: 3M has built its export success on all of the following principles except

A Adding additional product lines once export operation is successful

B Getting into a market first and then learning about the country

C Hiring locals to promote the firm’s products

D Entering on a small scale to reduce risks

Question: Which of the following is a drawback of adopting a polycentric staffing approach?

A It is expensive to implement

B The higher pay enjoyed by managers placed on an international fast track may be a source of resentment within the firm

C It limits advancement opportunities for host-country nationals

D The gap that can form between host-country managers and parent-country managers

Question: The TQM philosophy was developed by a number of American consultants. Which of the following individuals is one of them?

A Joseph Juran

B Philip Kotler

C Paul Harmon

D Émile Durkheim


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