Business & Finance

Question: In which of the following instances does concentration of production make most sense?

A Location externalities are not important

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Business & Finance
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B The production technology has low fixed costs

C Important exchange rates are expected to remain relatively stable

D Flexible manufacturing technology is not available Not 100% certain on this one though

Question: One aspect of a(n) _____ staffing policy is the need for a cadre of international managers that may include many different nationalities.

A Polycentric

B Geocentric

C Ethnocentric

D Regiocentric

Question: _____ refers to the extent to which the place of manufacturing influences product evaluations.

A Noise barriers

B Country of origin effects

C Social effects

D Host country effects

Question: Which of the following is an advantage of adopting a polycentric staffing approach?

A It may be less expensive to implement compared to other approaches, reducing the costs of value creation

B Host-country nationals have unlimited opportunities to gain experience outside their own country

C It enables the firm to make the best use of its human resources

D It enables the firm to build a cadre of international executives who feel at home working in a number of cultures

Question: Time drafts

A Have no value given the deferred nature of document

B Are generally not preferred in international transactions

C Are negotiable instruments

D Are also called bills of lading

Question: What is the main attraction of countertrade?

A Firms can avoid setting up in-house trading departments

B It addresses the issue of lack of trust in international business

C A firm can finance an export deal when other means are not available

D Firms usually would not prefer to be paid in hard currency

Question: When managers in an international business consider market segmentation in foreign countries, they need to be cognizant of the differences between countries in the structure of market segments and existence of market segments that

A In the home country

B Transcend national borders

C Are divided by gender

D Are based on home market models

Question: The letter of credit

A States that the bank will pay a specified sum of money to a beneficiary on presentation of particular, specified documents

B Is an order written by an exporter instructing an importer to pay a specified amount of money at a specified time

C Serves as a receipt, a contract, and a document of title

D Indicates that the carrier has received the merchandise described on the face of the document

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