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Zero coupon bonds are an example of
The basic relationship in bond valuation is for a given percentage point change in the required rate of return, the ____ the time to maturity, the ____ the change in value.
. The following bond quotation indicates that the holder expects to receive ____ in interest annually:
PAC EI 11s 09 11.6 20 95 -1
A Treasury bill with 182 days to maturity is quoted at 5.62 bid, 5.60 asked, and an asked yield of 5.84. How much would you pay for this security?

A WPI 10s 08 bond closed at 89. What is the current yield on this bond?

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Business & Finance
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Assume that the dividend on Central Power Company’s $3.25 preferred stock issue is paid annually at the end of the year. Determine the value of this preferred stock to an investor who requires a 12 percent rate of return.

Mid-States Utility Company sold a 10-year note with a 7 7/8% coupon and a par value of $1,000. If the note sold at a discount for $930, what was the implied yield-to-maturity to the nearest tenth of one percent? Assume interest is paid semiannually.




. Baywa has an outstanding bond that has a coupon rate of 8.3%. What is the market price of this bond if it pays interest semi-annually, has 15 years to maturity, and the current required rate of return is 9% on bonds of similar quality?

. King World zero coupon bonds were issued in 1998 at $124. These bonds will mature in 2018. What will these bonds sell for in 2008 if the required rate of return in 2008 is 9.5%?





A U.S. Government bond was quoted at 95:13 “bid” and 95:15 “asked”. How much would you have to pay for one of these $1,000.00 face value bonds?

UOP, a petroleum processing technology firm, issued a 10% coupon, 20 year to maturity first mortgage bond five years ago. If the current market rate of debt for UOP is 8%, at what price should this bond sell, to the nearest dollar? Assume a par value of $1,000, and pays interest semi-annually




What is the yield to maturity of a TVA bond that has a 9 1/2 percent coupon, pays interest semi-annually, has 12 years to maturity, and sells for $871.50?






. What is the yield-to-maturity of an Acme bond selling for $1107.50 with 5 years to maturity, a 12 1/2% coupon, and semi-annual compounding?




Debt is usually issued with a par value of
The largest user of mortgage bonds is
Stockholders’ equity includes all of the following except:
Common stockholders have a number of general rights, including all of the following except:
A change in the market price of an asset will occur as a result of changes in:
The valuation of common stock is considerably more complicated than the valuation of bonds or preferred stocks because:
From an accounting standpoint, stock dividends involve a transfer from the
____ result in what is known as treasury stock.
From the following stock quotation, what is AT&T’s dividend yield?
ATT 1.20 4.3 19 1667 29.50 29 29 -.25
The P/E ratio indicates
Assume that the dividend ($3.25) on Central Power Company’s common stock issue is paid annually at the end of the year. This dividend is not expected to increase for the foreseeable future. Determine the value of this stock to an investor who requires a 12 percent rate of return.

The earnings and dividends of MicroSun Computer Co. are expected to grow at an annual rate of 15 percent over the next 4 years and then slow to a constant growth rate of 8 percent per year. MicroSun currently pays a dividend of $0.50 per share. What is the value of MicroSun stock to an investor who requires a 14 percent rate of return?





Lawton Company common stock currently sells for $38 and pays (year 0) a dividend of $2. Determine the implied growth rate for Lawton assuming that an investor’s required rate of return is 12% and that the stock can be evaluated using a constant growth valuation model.


Helix common stock currently sells for $30 and its current dividend is $1.50. If the required rate of return on Helix stock is 15%, what is the implied growth rate of its earnings and dividends?


Over the past 10 years the dividends of Allegro have grown from $0.45 to $1.82 per share. Determine the value of Allegro’s common stock to an investor who requires a 20% rate of return, assuming that dividends continue growing at the same rate as they grew over the past 10 years.



What is the estimated price of Once in a Blue Moon stock that has the following dividends? The return on similar investments is 18%. (Round the growth rate to the nearest whole percent)
2003 $2.50
2002 $2.48
2001 $2.36
2000 $2.32

All of the following are ways that securities are offered to the public in a public offering EXCEPT:
a. Securities are sold through competitive bidding
b. Securities are sold through negotiated underwriting to a purchasing syndicate
c. Securities are sold through excess-market pricing
d. Securities are sold on a best efforts basis

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