Business & Finance

Use the following information to answer this question: Bill’s Furniture has just completed the first year of operation for his business and has the following information: sales, $200,000; cost of goods sold, $140,000; rent, $18,000; utilities, $8,400; insurance, $2,000; depreciation on equipment, $3,500; and interest, $10,000. Your forecast indicates that your sales will increase by 20%. Your rental agreement provides for a 3 increase percent per year. Bill has just read an article indicating that utility costs in his area will increase by 10% next year. Also, Bill just received a notice from his insurance company stating that his quarterly premium will increase to $600 beginning the first quarter of next year. The depreciation expense on the equipment will not change; however, Bill’s loan amortization schedule indicates that interest expense next year will be $9,000. Pro forma net income for Bill’s Furniture in the second year is __________.

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Business & Finance
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