Read the article The Problem with Being Global (Links to anexternal site.)Links to an external site. and answer thefollowing:

  • How can a global city accommodate both the global and localidentity?
  • What are two needs of local residents that should not beignored and why?
  • Explain two or three consequences that may occur if a globalcity exiled the middle and working class?

A​ quick-service restaurant has a single​ drive-through lanewith one worker at the window. It is assumed that the worker canprocess an order every 2 minutes on average and that theprocessing​ (service) times are exponentially distributed.Customers arrive at the​ drive-through at the rate of 18 perhour.

a. The worker at the​ drive-thru is busynothing​ _______% of time. (Enter your response rounded to twodecimal​ places.)

b. The average number of cars waiting at the​drive-thru is ________. ​(Enter your response rounded to twodecimal​ places.)

c. The number of​ cars, on​ average, in the​drive-thru system is _________. (Enter your response rounded totwo decimal​ places.)

d. The average time a car spends waiting inthe​ drive-thru is __________ minute(s). ​(Enter your responserounded to one decimal​ place.)

e. The​ time, on​ average, spent in the​drive-thru system is __________ minute(s). ​(Enter yourresponse rounded to one decimal​ place.)


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