Question: If a firm is trying to create value by transferring core competencies to a foreign operation, it may believe that the best way to do so is to transfer parent-country nationals who have knowledge of that competency to the foreign operation. This is a reason for the firm to pursue a(n) _____ staffing policy.

A Ethnocentric

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B Polycentric

C Geocentric

D Regiocentric

Question: Which of the following is an advantage of adopting a geocentric staffing approach?

A The multinational composition of the team reduces cultural myopia and enhances local responsiveness

B It is inexpensive to implement

C It reduces the costs of value creation

D The firm may believe the host country lacks qualified individuals to fill senior management positions

Question: Clive, who was working as a manager in India, was a little shocked to receive a negative feedback for his lack of expertise and aptitude to take effective decisions. All that he had to say was that he had tried to involve his team in participative decision making and that this might have led them to think so. Clive’s negative feedback could be attributed to _____.

A Ineffective transfer of skills

B Cultural myopia

C Unintentional bias

D Poor expectation setting

Question: Because of the improved communication and transportation infrastructures and the education level of the population during the past 20 years, many international businesses view foreign factories as

A Low-cost manufacturing facilities

B Globally dispersed centers of excellence

C Liabilities

D Sweatshops

Question: According to the results of a study by R.L. Tung, the number one reason that Japanese expatriate managers fail is

A The inability of spouse to adjust

B The lack of technical competence

C Personal or emotional problems

D The inability to cope with larger overseas responsibilities

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