Question 1

Customers today want separate prices for each service element and they also want the right to select the elements they want. The customers are said to be pressing for _____ services.

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Question options:

a) complementary

b) perishable

c) variable

d) unbundled

Question 2

The zone of __________ is a range where a service dimension is deemed satisfactory, anchored by the minimum level consumers are willing to accept and the level they believe can and should be delivered.

Question options:

a) immunity

b) tolerance

c) reliability

d) assurance

Question 3

Services high in __________ qualities have characteristics that the buyers can evaluate before purchase.

Question options:

a) search

b) experience

c) credence

d) privacy

Question 4

Companies may wish to implement a(n) __________ to achieve more growth, to realize higher margins, or simply to position themselves as full-line manufacturers.

Question options:

a) up-market stretch

b) rebranding plan

c) outsourcing strategy

d) disintermediation policy

Question 5

How a consumer shops for organic foods and how he or she uses and disposes of the product is part of the consumers’ __________ that is important for marketers to consider.

Question options:

a) value proposition

b) consumption system

c) value system

d) quality perception

Question 6

The way the user performs the tasks of getting and using products and related services is the user’s total _____ system.

Question options:

a) consumption

b) consumable

c) consistent use

d) augmented

Question 7

A customer judges a product offering by three basic elements: product features and quality, services mix and quality, and:

Question options:

a) performance.

b) utility.

c) tangibility.

d) price.

Question 8

A consumer products firm manufactures and sells over 200 different sizes and varieties of jams and jellies. We can say that this manufacturer’s product mix has high:

Question options:

a) consistency.

b) depth.

c) intensity.

d) range.

Question 9

Josh gets his bike serviced at Dean’s Garage even though there’s another garage much closer to home. He prefers Dean’s because the work is usually done quickly and the staff tries to solve the issues with the bike as soon as possible. Dean’s Garage excels at which of the following five determinants of service quality?

Question options:

a) Reliability

b) Responsiveness

c) Assurance

d) Empathy

Question 10

Marketers have traditionally classified products on the basis of three characteristics: __________, tangibility, and use.

Question options:

a) availability

b) affordability

c) aesthetics

d) durability

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