ernando was thrilled to find out that his company had just decided to invest a great deal of money in the product he was managing. He knows that even with its recent high rate of growth and the fact that it was dominating the market, he would need more money to establish it firmly. Using the BCG portfolio analysis, his product shares characteristics with other:

Question 5 options:

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question marks.

cash cows.



Question 6(2.5 points)

Introducing new products or services to a market segment the company is not currently serving is called:

Question 6 options:

market penetration

product development

market development

product proliferation


Question 7(2.5 points)

Quitman sells his business language dictionary to college students throughout the United States. He wants to sell the book to international students abroad. Quitman wants to pursue a __________________ growth strategy.

Question 7 options:

product development


market development

product proliferation

market penetration

Question 8(2.5 points)

Even when big-box discount retailers enter a market, some small, local retailers survive and prosper. These retailers have developed a _________________ generating long-term profitability.

Question 8 options:

successful mission-goal statements

strategic business simulation

sustainable competitive advantage

market segmentation sufficiency

Question 9(2.5 points)

Almost every banker thinks his or her firm provides better service than their competitors. If this is accurate, and customers recognize it, the bank creates and delivers value through:

Question 9 options:

operational excellence

product excellence

customer excellence

promotional excellence

global excellence

Question 10(2.5 points)

Which of the following is not one of the four overarching strategies to create and deliver value and to develop sustainable competitive advantages?

Question 10 options:

Locational excellence

Product excellence

Planning excellence

Operational excellence

Customer excellence

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