Heather has been assessing a number of her firm’s products using the Boston Consulting Group approach to portfolio analysis. She has been trying to assess the strength in a particular market and is looking at the sales of the product and the overall market as well as the sales of competitors. Heather is working on determining _________________.

Question 11 options:

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cash generation equivalents

relative market share.

market growth rate

statistical census analysis

competitive advantage

Question 12(2.5 points)

Using the BCG portfolio analysis, dogs should be phased out unless:

Question 12 options:

the CEO of the firm is a champion of the product.

additional resources could convert the product into a star.

the market might rebound.

it complements or boosts the sales of another product.

Question 13(2.5 points)

Based on the BCG portfolio analysis, products in low-growth markets that have received heavy investments and now have excess resources to spin off are:

Question 13 options:


cash cows.


question marks.


Question 14(2.5 points)

To determine how attractive a particular market is in using the BCG portfolio analysis, __________________ is established as one axis.

Question 14 options:

market growth rate

competitive intensity

profit potential

ideal market distribution

relative market share

Question 15(2.5 points)

Chet has been known to say, “If you ever see me with anything other than a Coke in my hand, check my pulse. I must be dead. ” When Chet is thirsty for a soft drink, he obviously skips the _______________ stage of the consumer decision process.

Question 15 options:

evoked set determination

evaluation of alternatives

all of the above

prepurchase evaluation

information search

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