A product category is in a high growth market. The product is also doing quite well. This is an example of a what type of growth strategy?

Question 16 options:

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Question mark/problem child

Cash cow

Cash generator

Question 17(2.5 points)

Advertisers using magazine ads often put a logo and slogan at the bottome of the page. They are most attempting to influence…

Question 17 options:

Selective imagery

Selective perception

Selective distortion

Selective retention

Question 18(2.5 points)

Consumers, and especially younger are using things like Facebook, Youtube, text messaging, etc. This macro-environmental issue can be best described as….

Question 18 options:





Question 19(2.5 points)

Craig sees his company’s quarterly sales and profits are significantly above projections and says, “That’s great. Let’s keep doing what we are doing.” Craig is suggesting they ignore the ____________ of the marketing planning process.

Question 19 options:

define the business mission.

evaluate performance

situation analysis

implement marketing mix and resources.

identifying and evaluating opportunities.

Question 20(2.5 points)

You are deciding on a very expensive gift to buy your parents for the 50th anniversary. You are likely going to use what type of decision rule?

Question 20 options:





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