To have an ethical business climate requires all employees to be dedicated to that goal because:

Question 21 options:

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customers are only vaguely interested in a firm’s ethical standards.

employees have to be taught ethical standards.

managers rarely enforce values unless employees ask them to do so.

the roots of ethical conflict often are competing values of individuals.

employees do not have sufficient visionary scope to understand the ramifications of unethical behavior.

Question 22(2.5 points)

During research you uncover an unmet need in the marketplace. In terms of SWOT this is a(an)

Question 22 options:


Competitive advantage



Question 23(2.5 points)

The Nike swoosh is familar to people all over the world. This marketing strength is….

Question 23 options:

Marketing budget

Customer loyalty

Brand recognition

Product quality

Question 24(2.5 points)

Hannah knows about many different clothing brands. These various brands make up her…

Question 24 options:

Retrieval set

Universal set

Evoked set

Brand set

Question 25(2.5 points)

Jimmy likes going to movies and sometimes takes 30 minutes to pick the movie. This is an example of

Question 25 options:

extensive problem solving

High involvement decision making

Movies are low involvment

Limited problem solving

Question 26(2.5 points)

You are a buyer for a clothing line. You decide to buy from a close friend even though you know that a competitor’s line is better. This violates what ethics category?

Question 26 options:

Fairness and honesty


Conflict of interest

Business relationships

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