Most B2B buying situations can be categorized as new buys, modified rebuys, and:

Question 32 options:

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significant others.

angular dilemmas.

initiator-influenced democratic decisions.


straight rebuys.

Question 33(2.5 points)

Compared to the B2C process, the information search and alternative evaluation steps in the B2B process are:

Question 33 options:

less focused on customer value creation.

more formal and structured.


based on derived supply analysis.

centrally planned.

Question 34(2.5 points)

Firms use a differentiated segmentation strategy, targeting several market segments with a different offering each, because:

Question 34 options:

it is easier than mass marketing.

it helps to obtain a bigger share of the market.

it is better than focusing on individual or small groups of potential customers.

most market segments are too small to be profitable.

banks are more willing to extend credit to companies with this strategic approach.

Question 35(2.5 points)

Marco was assigned to help create a positioning strategy for the manufacturing firm where he works by working on the salient attributes. He should consider:

Question 35 options:

the safety record of the firm and its products.

what the target marketing would consider the most important.

the characteristics that help his firm win a state-wide award for excellence in manufacturing.

the ways the sales representatives have been positioning the firm against the competitors.

the features the engineers feel are most important for the quality of the product.

Question 36(2.5 points)

Almost every political candidate uses a combination of red, white, and blue in their campaign posters. They are trying to position themselves in voters’ minds using:

Question 36 options:



all of the above.

the competition.

salient attributes.

Question 37(2.5 points)

Whose perceptions are being measured in a perceptual map?

Question 37 options:


Inventors of the products or the current R&D team

The strategic planners

A company’s executive team


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