MTV uses __________ segmentation to target individuals interested in doing good deeds, and in doing so, it helps add value without jeopardizing its financial success.

Question 38 options:

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corporate social responsibility

millennial generation



Question 39(2.5 points)

Marketers often race into research studies to collect __________________ data because it is designed to address their specific questions, while _____________ data exist, be cheaper to access, and sufficiently address the marketer’s questions.

Question 39 options:

secondary; primary

syndicated; primary

structured; unstructured

ratings; unstructured

primary; secondary

Question 40(2.5 points)

The major advantage of primary research data is:

Question 40 options:

it can be easily accessed through syndicated data bases.

it can be tailored to meet the specific research needs.

it takes less time to collect than secondary data.

it is general enough to meet many different researchers’ needs.

all of the above are advantages of primary research data.

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