Business 210: Business Statistics Course Project

In order to meet the learning outcomes for this class, you are expected to complete a course project. The purpose of the project for you to demonstrate your ability to:

Formulate questions;

Collect data;

Analyze data;

Interpret results.

Your Task

Formulate a research question related to your major or concentration (health and wellness, management, information systems, accounting, finance, etc) Example: What is the relationship between gender, ethnicity, and salary in Fortune 100 companies?

Present a null and alternative hypothesis (you will test the hypothesis)

Identify the type of data (qual vs quan)

Identify the population and sample

Identify sources of data (should be a public data set so that you will not have to pay for it)

Identify the variables

Perform descriptive statistics

Present the data visually where applicable

Analyze the data

Test the hypothesis using one of the methods studied in this class

Provide an interpretation and explanation of the results.


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