Better than-average effect

a.       How many different identities does a person have? Conduct a survey examining this question, and investigate the roles and behaviors associated with the various identities a person has. Then have people rate which identities and roles are most important and examine cultural differences in the identities and their relative importance.

b.      If you know of bilingual/bicultural individuals, ask them to do the tasks described in activities 4 and 5 above twice, once in both languages and see what differences occur, if any.

a.       What things do you do to enhance your sense of self? Do you think that the ways in which you enhance your self is similar or different to people around you from different backgrounds? Why?

b.      Conduct a simple replication of the betterthan-average effect by surveying your classmates about how they rate themselves with regard to others on some characteristic. If possible do the same survey with professors. Can you manipulate the instructions so that the effect occurs or not?


a.       How do you view yourself? Do you see yourself as more independent or interdependent?

Does that self-view apply across different contexts, or is it different in different contexts? And how does that self-view influence your interactions with others, especially with those from a different culture?

b.      What is your attributional style? How do you make attributions about the causes of your success? Failures? Why do you make such attributions? Where did they come from?

Do people around you have similar or different attributional styles?


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